Dr. Adi Pinheiro

Brazilian Consultant Plastic Surgeon
CRM 10565 RQE: 6285

Dr. Adi Pinheiro, Brazilian Consultant of Plastic Surgery is one of the most renowed expert surgeons in Vaginal Rejuvenation and in the treatment of aesthetic and vulvar pathologies, with thousands of procedures in this area.

• Consultant Plastic Surgeon by Brazilian Medical Association (AMB);
• Consultant Plastic Surgeon by Federal Council of Medicine;
• Specialist Plastic Surgeon by Dubai Healthy Authority (DHA);
• Member of Brazilian Society Laser and Surgery;
• International Member of American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS);
• Consultant Plastic Surgeon from Federal University of Ceará;
• Preceptor of Medical Residency in Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery;


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