Laser Surgery

Several surgical procedures can be performed using the fractionated CO2 laser, which is part of the Monalisa Touch ™ system.

The most common are:

  Ninfoplasty (or labioplasty);
  Reduction of sagging/laxity of major labia;
  Removal of genital lesions.

In addition to the surgical procedures, can also be performed:

 Vulvar and perianal hyperpigmentation;
 Laxity of Major Labia;
 Mons Pubis Enhanced or with Laxity and/or Ptosis

What are the advantages of laser surgery?

Monalisa Touch laser promote:

  Less bleeding
  Faster surgery
  Rapid healing
  Gentle and clear scar
  Less surgical time
  Does not require hospitalization, except in selected cases
  Allows multiple procedures combined
  Treatment of superficial and deep areas


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